Cameo F4 FC

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Cameo F4 FC

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Cameo F4 FC

High-Performance RGBW LED Fresnel Spotlight


  • Full-colour LED Fresnel spotlight with 9400 lm luminous flux
  • Seamless colour temperature adjustment from 1,600 to 6,500 K, CRI >90
  • Continuous zoom for beam angles from 12° to 40°
  • 16-bit technology for high-resolution dimming
  • Highly efficient heat pipe cooling with temperature-controlled fan
  • RDM-capable with silent mode for studio use
  • Four selectable dimmer curves with adjustable response
  • Flicker-free and silent operation, ideal for TV, film and theatre
  • Quicklight function to save time when setting lights
  • 8-way barndoor and gel frames included

A complete palette of dynamic colours and countless shades of white at maximum reproduction quality: The Cameo F4 FC is your perfect Fresnel spotlight for professional applications in front of the camera and in theatres. Its white tones can be precision-adjusted in CCT mode from 1,600 K to 6,500 K at a constant CRI of over 90, and perfectly adjusted to skin tones, camera sensors and ambient light via additional green-magenta correction. Using only three control circuits, colour-blending in HSI mode facilitates rapid adjustment of colour, intensity and saturation at the light desk. Using additional colour filters is a thing of the past. The high-quality 250 mm lens creates a soft-edged beam of light that can be manually and gradually adjusted to all intermediate positions from spot to flood in the 12° to 40° beam angle. At the same time, the integrated condenser lens provides evenly blended colours and shadow-free colour light dispersion, even when using the barndoor.

The F4 FC is fully RDM-capable and has a range of DMX control modes as well as multiple 16-bit dimmer curves with adjustable response. Even at its lowest setting, gradual dimming meets the highest theatre demands. The unique quicklight function make setup of the spotlight much easier. Simply remove the DMX signal for a moment, increase the lighting brightness via the push encoder and adjust the spotlight. Six selectable pulse width modulation frequencies of 800 Hz to 25 kHz ensure flicker-free operation, even for high-speed camera settings. A heatpipe combined with a temperature-controlled fan provides highly efficient cooling and virtually noiseless operation. For convenient configuration, the spotlight’s robust die-cast aluminium housing is equipped with a push encoder and an OLED display. 5-pin DMX connections allow simple daisy-chaining. Included are an 8-way barndoor, a filter frame and a mains cable with a Schuko plug.

Product type
LED Fresnel Spotlight

Theater Fresnel

Colour spectrum

Number of LEDs

LED type
570 W (approx. 50,000 operating hours)

LED PWM Frequency
Adjustable: 800, 1200, 2000, 3600, 12000, 25000 Hz

12 – 40 °

250 mm Fresnel

DMX input

DMX output

DMX Functions
CCT , colour macro , Device Settings , Dim to Warm , Dimmer , Dimmer Curve , Dimmer Fine , Hue Saturation , RGBW , RGBW Fine , strobe

Standalone modes
Master / Slave mode , Static

Push encoder

OLED Display

Operating voltage
100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption
355 W

Power connector
TRUE1 compatible Power I/O sockets

Power supply connection
TRUE1 compatible Power I/O sockets

Housing material
Die-cast aluminum

Cabinet colour

Protection class IP

Comination of Heat Pipe and Temperature Controlled Fan

Luminous flux
9400 lm

34 lm/W

Colour temperature
1600 – 6500 K

Ambient temperature (operating)
-15 – 45 °C

Dimensions without mounting bracket

410 mm

364 mm

433 mm

17,8 kg

Accessories (included)
8-way barndoor , gel frame , Power cord


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